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Unicorn marshmallow

Limited Edition Foamburst Unicorn

€ 5,95 (inclusief btw 21%)
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Discover our limited edition, magical body wash, infused with Marshmallow extract (and Unicorn power) set to make you feel like you’re on top of a rainbow! Watch the unique gel change right before your eyes into a creamy cloud that glides across your skin like super soft silk.
Foamburst is crafted by experts to deliver you an unparalleled washing experience and will leave your skin feeling effortlessly soft, cleansed and moisturised. Plus every bottle guarantees you up to 40 intensely, rich showers.
Immerse yourself in the sweet and creamy Unicorn Marshmallow fragrance – who doesn’t want to shower in rainbows and unicorns?
Dermatologically tested
40 showers per can
Intensely rich – great for shaving




40 showers per can

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€ 4,95
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€ 4,95

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